Insurance Professional

Alison Hummel has spent the past nine and a half years serving the retiree market through Broker recruitment and training and Direct-to-Consumer sales. She is passionate about this market and the position of the agent in the digital age. Leveraging all sources to communicate with her clients and brokers is something she believes all brokers and agents should embrace in 2018 and beyond.

She has been ranked top 3 in sales nationally at Aetna, as well as top 10% in sales and a top recruiting agent for Independence Blue Cross and is currently a consistent top performer as an external Agent and recruiting broker at Aetna.

She has a BA from Fordham University in Human Behavioral Studies and spent ten years living in and around Center City Philadelphia before returning to her hometown of Cape May, NJ in 2013.

She’s a proud working mom and believes she has gotten funnier since she gave birth to her (now 5 year old) son. She is committed to encouraging laughter (at her expense or at a well-received punchline) at every presentation she gives because she believes if you can’t laugh at all things in life you might as well just stay home. And yes that even includes insurance.

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