Working With An Insurance Agent

I often see people post general insurance questions on Facebook. I have friends across the US, and some of them I haven’t met because we are just business acquaintences on Facebook. A friend of a friend. Or someone who seems to share similar interests.

These posts generally sound the same “What are you paying for [insert type of insurance here]?” or “How do I go about getting a quote forĀ [insert type of insurance here]?”

A flurry of comments go beneath the question and the hair on the back of my necks stands at attention. I always comment the same thing, “Reach out to a local insurance agent and if you can’t find one, call your states health underwriting association and ask for a referral.” If I know a broker in the state, I will always include their contact info.

When you need any type of insurance, I encourage you to speak to a couple of trusted agents in your local area. These folks are licensed and the best ones are incredibly knowledgeable about the product you’re going to buy. You don’t pay anything extra for this and you get the same product with a real live person to call with any questions.

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